Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Atlanta Real Estate Agents:

Foreclosures will be cried on the courthouse steps this coming Tuesday, July 7, which means that your asset inventory may be about to get bigger.  It also means that your task load may be growing as well, and Georgia Loss Mitigation Services is here to assist you.

If you get new assignments this week and need trashout services, eviction services, re-keys, or lawn cuts, be in touch.  We strive for ultimate efficiency and fast turn around times so that your REO tasks will always be completed on time.

Visit and use the contact form to schedule your service needs using our streamlined ordering system or call 770-847-6774.

Thanks for being a customer and a friend, and we look forward to handling your next property preservation project!

Craig Levine,
Georgia Loss Mitigation Services, LLC

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