Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Georgia Loss Cares

A Second Chance At Life

    As you can imagine, the Georgia Loss crew has seen the insides of thousands of houses in the course of our work over the years, and with that, we've seen enough evidence of distressed homeowners to last a lifetime.

     This afternoon while assessing a vacant property to bid on a trash-out job for one of our clients, we came across something that no one ever wants to see -- a beloved family pet left behind.  In a house with no power that had clearly been vacated stood a pretty sad-looking aquarium with one lone Kissing Gourami fish.  With the electricity off and therefore no active filter, this poor little fish was swimming through the murkiest water you can imagine with no light, no oxygen, and no food.  The Kissing Gourami (Helostoma temminckii), also known as Kissing Fish or Kissers, have large pouty lips that they lock with others of their kind:

 As the lone survivor of his tank (he may even have eaten all of his tank mates to survive up to this point), it's possible that he might have been swimming around in there in the dark for weeks with no care.

     These kinds of stories don't always have a happy ending, but this one does.  Our crew took the time to find a small temporary container to put this little guy in, and after a quick Google search to find the nearest PETCO, we drove him straight to the store and handed him over.  I'm happy to report that he was splashing around and looked lively on the way over there, and hopefully now he'll have a second chance to live a good life in a new home.

     At Georgia Loss, we know that we won't get awarded every single job that we bid on, but we always care, and that's what's important.  As you can well imagine, we felt pretty good about doing a good deed today, and we hope you do, too.

As always, thanks for being a customer and friend, 
and we look forward to the next job that we do for you!

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