Friday 17 April 2015

Roaches and Weeds Don't Sell Houses


We here at Georgia Loss (because we care) have a little PSA for all 
you agents and investors out there: roaches don't sell houses and weeds don't help market value or reduce Days On Market.  That's not just clever marketing, folks -- that's a fact.  You can spend your entire paint and carpet budget sprucing up your properties, but if a single scouting roach scuttles out of a kitchen cabinet during your next showing, guess who's running screaming from the house?  That's right -- the buyer.  Furthermore, if your professionally-landscaped backyard sprouts those unsightly weeds after the first hot weekend, the curb appeal factor goes WAY down.  Friends, do yourselves a favor;  Georgia Loss offers a Weed & Bug Spray Combo package for $150 that will keep undesirable pests, both the crawly kind and the sprawly kind, from killing the deal.  Contact us today about scheduling a Weed & Bug spray and keep the pests at bay.

The deal you save may be your own.

Thanks for being a customer and a friend, and we look forward to handling your next property preservation project!

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